Traumatic events

quote_medium_orange A wide range of traumatic events may have long-term implications for the psychological wellbeing of people who have been affected by them. quote_small_orange

Being Involved in or witnessing any event where you thought your own or another person’s life or health was severely threatened can make it difficult to carry on with normal life. Unfortunately, this can have an impact on an individual’s work, social and family life and put strain on important relationships.

DCC has consultants with extensive experience in working with the psychological impact of traumatic events and treating posttraumatic stress disorder. Our consultants who work in this area offer modern, evidence-based and effective approaches to preventing and treating psychological issues precipitated by traumatic events. They have experience in working with the psychological impact of a broad spectrum of traumatic events, including road traffic accidents, abuse, violence, traumatic medical treatments, traumatic birth and bereavement.

We can help you to:

  • Lessen the psychological impact of traumatic events in the immediate aftermath
  • Improve your ability to engage in work and social life
  • Talk to friends and family about what has happened and how they can support you
  • Reduce and manage symptoms such as flashbacks, nightmares and intrusive memories of the traumatic event
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