Health problems and illness

quote_medium_orange Some health problems may unfortunately be life-changing or life-threatening. Coping with acute or chronic illness can be a significant challenge to family and couple relationships, as well as for the affected individual. quote_small_orange

Consultants at DCC have gained extensive experience over many years in helping people and their families to cope better with health problems and are recognised world leaders in this sub-speciality of psychology.

DCC consultants have all worked in the main leading London hospitals and some have acquired advanced experience in psychological approaches applied to key medical specialities, such as oncology, infectious diseases, liver disease, endocrinology, cardiology, neurology, gastroenterology, chest medicine, women’s health, HIV disease, dermatology and organ transplantation. All have worked in GP surgeries. Our consultants are also all experienced in the highly sensitive issues of end-of-life care and in bereavement support.

We can help you to:

  • Improve your overall support and functioning
  • Communicate more openly with family members about your condition
  • Create an optimal and dynamic relationship between you and your doctor, nurses and other healthcare providers, to enable you to communicate openly and without fear
  • Take greater control over your illness, care and overall functioning
  • Make decisions about your treatment and care
  • Facilitate healthier lifestyle and behaviours

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Our partners at The Body Studio can also assist you in health promotion and rehabilitation.

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