Fertility, childbearing and child-rearing issues

quote_medium_orange Many individuals and couples seeking to have a child find it helpful to talk through the personal and emotional aspects of the process with an experienced professional. quote_small_orange

At DCC we recognise that fertility problems, child bearing and child-rearing can all have psychological effects. Some of these may be personally challenging, but they may also affect couple and family relationships. If unresolved, these effects can sometimes lead to symptoms of emotional distress, Including sleep problems, increased stress and anxiety, low mood, and anger, as well as physical signs of psychological difficulties such as asthma, eczema and Irritable bowel syndrome, amongst other psychosomatic conditions.

Our highly experienced, specialist team of psychologists are experienced in helping Individuals, couples and children/siblings to cope better with these challenges helping to improve communication and enhancing psychological wellbeing around fertility Issues. We work comprehensively with couples and families, always considering the best approach when working with children, taking into account their developmental stage.

We see both heterosexual and same-sex couples, drawing on a systemic and client-centred frame of counselling practice. We also undertake psychological evaluations In preparation for fostering, adoption and surrogacy.

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