Aviation psychology for aircrew

quote_medium_orange DCC is the leading UK specialist service in aviation psychology. Professor Robert Bor and Dr Margaret Oakes have a detailed knowledge of aircrew professional roles and the psychological implications of aircrew careers. quote_small_orange

For aircrew, this offers both confidence in being understood by experts and the potential to significantly shorten therapy where this is necessary. For Aviation Medical Examiners, DCC can provide expert support in all psychological aspects of their work.

We can help AME’s by providing:

  • Consultation and education in aircrew mental health
  • Mental state assessments and reporting compliant with EASA regulations (DCC exceeds the requirements to be a known source for the reporting of psychological assessments required by MED.B.60)
  • Assessments for pilots with specific issues such as dyslexia
  • Psychological interventions for aircrew clients
  • Support aircrew who become unable to fly for any reason

We can help professional aircrew by providing:

  • Bespoke assessment and treatment services for aircrew founded on DCC’s unique expertise in this area
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements to support pilots in regaining their licences in the most time and cost effective way where this is possible
  • Psychological support in dealing with the psychological impact of aviation on significant relationships
  • Support for aircrew who become unable to fly for any reason

We accept referrals from AMEs or directly from airline employees (pilots and cabin crew), as well as air traffic controllers.

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