Mediation Services

quote_medium_blue Consultants at DCC are specialist mediators and can help with family conflict as well as organisational disputes. Our approach to mediation is collaborative, stepwise and solution-oriented. We also offer training in mediation skills for other professionals, such as lawyers. quote_small_blue

At DCC, we recognise that deadlock or mistrust in trying to resolve an issue is often stressful. Disputes also have a negative impact on future relationships.

Mediation facilitated by our team at DCC allows the parties to focus on the issue at hand. Our mediators remain neutral and impartial and will apply their skills and experience in resolving your dispute efficiently, effectively and economically. Mediation is especially effective in dealing with:

  • Issues between parents relating to children
  • Ancillary relief or financial disputes
  • Differences in the workplace
  • Disputes between departments or organisations

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