Executive coaching

quote_medium_blue There are times when an experienced outsider who is perceptive, supportive and creative, can help to clarify your goals and find better ways of achieving them. Coaching is a space for personal and professional development. It is confidential, challenging and rewarding. quote_small_blue

Our executive coaching service is aimed at individuals working in businesses and the professions, including managers and leaders, chairmen, chairwomen, CEO’s, directors and those aspiring to such roles.

Coaching is positive, non-judgemental, solution focused and challenging. It typically sets goals and creates plans of action. It does so largely by questioning so as to facilitate awareness and self-directed learning. Coaching is relatively short term and assumes the individual is psychologically healthy and does not require clinical intervention

Our expertise is broad and we can help to address a wide range of issues that might have an impact on your work and professional life.Due to our wide range of experience and professional training, we are as skilled at helping those at the top of their game as those needing support for stress or even burnout. This is because our consulting and coaching skills are underpinned by a sound psychological understanding. We call our approach DCC CoachingUp. Our many years of working with the corporate sector enable us to optimise the quality of service we offer you.

We aim to first help identify relevant issues, whether through face-to-face consultations or through the use of psychometric tests, and occasionally through 360-degree feedback methods. We then devise approaches and offer skills for managing or overcoming any issues.

Our approach is:

  • Energising and motivating; you will be directly involved in the process.
  • Focused on what you can or need to achieve, either as a leader or manager.
  • Contextual; we look at the impact change will have on your professional and personal relationships.
  • Based on modern psychological approaches.

We stipulate no minimum length to commit to coaching, unlike many other services. You can have a single session or arrange a series of sessions. We will tailor our coaching to your needs.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We have extensive experience in coaching people in both large and small organisations. We can consult within your work setting or in a more private and confidential setting.

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