Clinical and corporate psychology services

Founded by Professor Robert Bor, DCC is based in London and Cirencester with associates in the UK, New York, Cape Town and Bali. Our consultants work nationally and globally.

We help individuals, couples, families, children and teams within organisations. Our corporate clients include senior executives, leaders, managers, employees, as well as organisations and companies in both public and private sectors.

DCC specialises in modern, mainstream, time-limited and solution-focused approaches which are efficient, effective and economical.

We provide tailor-made solutions to your problems.

DCC consultants are all highly experienced and sought-after psychologists with many years of successful practice in the public and private sectors and in both large and small organisations.



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quote_big_green We are one of London’s foremost psychology practices providing you with a leading edge in dealing with a wide range of personal and workplace issues. We are an independent change consultancy providing psychologically informed solutions to human problems. quote_small_green